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hydrotest pump 3000 Psi / 200bar
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PT. Solution Jaya is a company that offers solutions in pumps, generators and cleaning machines such as Hawk pumps, Pratissoi pumps, Pressure Pro, high pressure pumps, Hydrotest pumps, air compressors, water pumps, centrifugal pumps, cleaning accessories, yanmar, kubota, others. PT. Jaya Solutions offers a wide selection of such as, heavy duty, high pressure pumps at competitive prices. Each component of a world class HAWK pump is assembled and tested for standardization of the cleaning industry. HAWK PUMP is a world-renowned product that excels in quality, efficiency and reliability. the following for specifications for the above

Brand: Hawk
Type: NMT 1520
Pressure: 200Bar / 3000PSI
Flow: 15Lpm / 4Gpm
Power: 5.7Kw / 7.7Hp
Rpm: 1500
at this time hawk pump is familiar in hidrotest in indonesia have good quality, guaranteed spare parts, diverse pressure, and also way of easy usage. for that we as a sole agent ready to serve your needs.

for inquiries about the product can contact our marketing:

Derry Ferdinal (081380713131)


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